General Trading Software

The software provides easy and interactive screens in all day to day Transactions, like Sales, Purchases, Raising Local Purchase Orders, Foreign Purchase Orders, Quotations, Delivery Vouchers, Sales/Purchase Return, Receipts, Payments, Cheques related entries like Discounting of Cheques, PDC deposit and maturity, Staff related transactions like, Loans & Advances given to Staff members, their monthly payroll, Visa/Passport related entries like expires, renewals etc., 

The Software generates a number of FINANCIAL, INVENTORY and PAYROLL reports like, Profit & loss Account, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Sales Register, General Ledgers, Customer/Supplier wise ageing analysis, Debtors/Creditors outstanding statements, Day Book, Cash & Bank Books, Bank Reconciliation Statements, PDC Reminders, Stock List (Price List), Stock Movement Register, Item Wise Purchases/Sales, Supplier/Customer wise Sales/Purchases, Sales Man wise Sales Figures, Item Wise Profit, Customer Wise Profit and Monthly Salary Sheet, Salary Slips, Employees’ Visa/Passport Expiry details and reminders etc.,

Accounting module is based on standard accounting procedures with provision of designing preferred format of Balance Sheet. The method of maintaining the Post Dated Cheques transactions is simplified. Apart from receivables, payable and transaction listing, lot of MID reports can be generated. No need of any month closing though all the reports can be generated monthly as well as up to date. Facility to create new masters while making the transactions.

All the modules are integrated with each other. Reports can be customized at user level. Requirements of additional reports can be tailor-made. The different modules are
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales
  • Simple Payroll

Other features of the Software

Multi User Software: This is Multi-User software, allowing different departments of the company to use separate modules of our software simultaneously, using their secret passwords, which will be provided to them at the time of installation.

Security: Every user will have his/her own password, and will be able to use only that part/menus of the software, which he/she is entitled to work upon. For example the assistants will have access to only data entry screens where as the Manager will be able to use not only the data entry screens but also the financial reports of the company.

  • General Features of the Software
  • Simple and totally user friendly.
  • Product wise profitability.
  • Customer wise profitability.
  • Salesman wise profitability.
  • Integration of all the modules.
  • User level customization of reports.
  • Facility to fax the reports and outstanding statement directly from the software.
  • Export facility for reports into Ms-excel.
  • Back and Restore facility.
  • Short cut keys for easy access of commands.
  • Facility to sort report data by user selected fields.
Business success starts with intelligent money management and the Meezan’s comprehensive reports give you instant access to the information you need to make informed decisions.

The software can optimize your business processes from purchasing and sales to warehouse management, stock management and financial accounting. As far as growing customer demands and product life cycles are concerned our software creates significant plus points so that you can be even more competitive. You can maintain a well sorted inventory management system so that supply to the customers can be done without delay. The software permits any number of warehouses and locations, where each location is allocated to a specific warehouse.