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Our Soft wares are developed in Visual Basic 6 as the front end and Microsoft Access / My SQL Server as back end. Though our software packages are usually tailor-made, intended to suit the requirements of the client, we have developed the basic platform of the software after a thorough study of various well-reputed companies, from different industries.Our software is known for its simplicity and flexibility. It only takes a matter of seconds to access any minute information in a very comprehensive manner.

Our requirements analysis produces a comprehensive understanding of client requirements, and recommends the development of a software product that effectively addresses business needs. This ensures that we create customized software products for our clients that meet their goals and improve the way they do business.

We employ the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices to ensure the timely, error-free delivery of software applications that are highly scalable without loss of performance. Our fanatic dedication to quality and excellence allows the creation of software with high levels of security. Though the software is a standard one, again it can be customized as per the requirement of the users. Reports have been provided but at any time new reports can be generated after the approved format from the authorized signatory. Reports can be sorted by any category by just clicking on the column heading. A built in customization is already provided. 

Employee Master
Employee master is designed in a simple way so that to enter the personal information of the employee can be entered at one entry without switching to the different screens. Various tabs have been provided to enter the details.

Employee code can be auto generated or can be allotted. Name can be split in three fields like first, middle and last. At the time of termination of any employee system will calculate the service ends benefits as per the contract type like limited contract or unlimited contract. System gives the alert to change the status of the employee after completing the probation period to permanent employee. If the salary package, increment and other benefits are according to the grade wise the system will take care that too. Various tabs have been provided to enter the employee’s personal information in the master entry itself.

Personal Info
Options provided to enter employee’s information like nationality, religion, qualification, blood group, gender, marital status, date and place of birth, and known allergy etc.

Contact Details
Local address and permanent address of home country with post box, telephone number, mobile number and email address etc.

Extra Qualification
Any extra academic or technical qualification can be entered with its description and the institution or university in which he studied with grade.

Training Details
Any training either provided by the company or self taken can be entered so that the management can easily assign the job responsibilities of the employees.

Emergency Contact
The name and phone numbers can be entered of the person to whom the can be contact easily in case of any emergency by specifying the relationship.

Work Experience
Detail work experience in different companies can be entered like company name, position held, no of years worked etc.

Listing and reports have been provided in a comprehensive manner to give maximum information related. Employee listing can be taken by many ways like name wise, code wise, department wise, grade wise, designation wise nationality wise, religion wise, qualification wise, etc. 

Documents Details
The details of all the employee’s documents can be maintained for the purpose of renewing them on time for the smooth operations of the company’s business activities. Any number of documents can be created in the document master like visa, passport, work permit, driving license, insurance card etc.

All the documents can be entered with their numbers, place of issue, date of issue and date of expiry. System will give regular remainder to the concern users. In the setup instructions can be given to the system that before how many days it should give the remainders. Remainder report can be printed also. The purpose of keeping the personal documents details like driving license is to inform them to renew it on time so that they will not engage in any hassle which will affect the company’s work temporarily. 

There is a policy in some big organizations to keep the documents details of the dependants of employees who are working in key positions to renew them on time by the company itself. It will give hassle free and efficient work environment so that they can utilize their valuable time for the company. 

The expiry remainders generators in the form of a report which can be print. Document expiry reports can be taken for all the documents or each documents wise like visa expiry report, passport expiry report, work permit expiry report etc,.

Salary Details
Basic salary and moved of payment like bank transfer to cash payment can be entered. In case of the bank transfer bank name, branch and account number has to be entered. 

Standard allowances like house rent allowance, transport allowance, food allowance which is paying in terms of cash along with the salary can be entered either percentage on basic salary basis or direct amount basis.

Additional benefits provided to the employees from the company like accommodation, mobile phone, car with the petrol card can also be recorded.

Bank transfer list or cash payment list can be taken. Standard allowance listing and additional benefits listing can be generated. Salary sheet can be taken employee wise or department wise or location wise. 

Leave Details
The number of days an employee will entitlement the leave annually or after every two years can be recorded. At the time of applying or approving the leave it will give an alert if the number of applied or approved leave days exceeds his entitlement. In case any employee does not avail his leave then it will be accumulated. The set up of encashment of the leave can be done as per the company’s internal policy.

The maximum number of medical leave an employee can avail as per the UAE labor law can be fixed and the system will have proper control over it. Apart from annual and medical leave the management can also exercise granting of privilege leave to senior/management cadre or emergency leave to any employee at its own discretion. 

Air Ticket Details
The eligible destinations to which ticket is providing by the company can be entered. The information of number of adult, children or infants tickets also can be record. A three digit city code and name of the cities already provided in the system which can be modified, delete or a new code can be add.

The system will give the regular remainders to the concern users either to book or buy the tickets as the date of employee’s the date of the leave arises nearer. If any employee is requesting the company to provide the ticket to his home city, the difference can be adjusted from his leave salary or from the current month salary.

Increment Entry
Increment any given to the employee either in the basic salary or in the allowances can be entered. History of all the increments can be maintained showing the salary at the time of appointment and increments during the period till date.

Transfer Entry
Transfer of employees from one division to another division or from one department or another department or from one location to another location is a common phenomenon in any company. The date of the transfer and remarks can be entered whenever he transferred from any place. The history of transfer can be view from the same screen just by clicking an option to know where all he worked during his complete service.

Employee transfer listing or transfer history can be taken at any time. Monthly transfer listing can be generated.

Increment Entry
Increment any given to the employee either in the basic salary or in the allowances can be entered. History of all the increments can be maintained showing the salary at the time of appointment and increments during the period till date.

Promotion Entry
As the experience, efficiency and performance of the employee increases he gets some promotions. The date of the promotion, from which grade to which grade and from which designation to which designation can be entered with some comments or details in the remark fields. On the same screen promotion history can be seen which will show how many promotions and he got till date with promoted grade and designation.

Periodically promotions listing can be generated. Grade or designation wise promotion report also can be taken. 

Disciplinary Action Entry
Any disciplinary action taken against any employee for any reason can be entered. The date on which action has been taken, the description of the action, the authorized person who took the action and detail description or reason of the action also can be entered. The action history against a particular employee can be seen on the same screen.

Leave Application Entry
Leave application entry has to be entered in the system after getting it from the employee. The type of leave has to be mention whether it is an annual leave or medical leave. As soon as the user selects annual or medical leave system will calculate how many days annual or medical leave he has already availed and how many days still he can avail. Employee can apply any number of days leave irrespective of availability. The complete leave history with the expected resume date and actual resumed date can be seen from the same screen.

Leave Approval Entry
After the employee applied for the leave it has to be approved by the authorized person. The leave application can be rejected for many reasons like absence of same designation or technical qualification employee. At the time of approval or rejection leave history can be seen with the expected resume date and actual resumed date which will be very helpful in deciding to approve or reject. Though the employee can apply for more than available leave it will be sole discretion of the management access leave or allot the available leave only. The system gives an alert in case on approving access leave than the available leave and only authorized users can ignore the alert.

Ticket Booking Entry
Once the leave is approved system gives the regular remainders to the concern users if the employee is eligible to get the ticket, either to book or buy as the date of employee’s leave arises nearer. If any employee is requesting the company to provide the ticket to his home city, the difference can be adjusted from his leave salary or from the current month salary.

Leave Processing
The employee status gets changed as employee on vacation as soon as leave processing entry has been done. Software shows all the details in the entry like leave details, ticket details, leave salary details

Leave Extension Entry
It happens in most of the cases that after going for leave employee may ask for any extensions. A Separate entry has been provided to extend the leave in order to give the exact expected resume date.

Resumption Entry
The actual date on which the employee resumed the duty has to be entered in the duty resumption entry. If the employee resumed the duty after the expected resume date or he delayed to join the duty on time the exceeded days will be loss of pay which will detect from the auto calculation of the gratuity. Software gives the detail history of leave and late resumes. The calculation of his salary and service ends benefits gets starts from the resumed date.

Employee Termination Entry
The process of termination and calculation of service end benefits is completely automated. User has to give only the date of termination. Software calculates the current month salary payable, leave salary payable, gratuity payable and any loans has to be deducted. All the calculations are as per the UAE labor law.

Loan & Advances
An entirely separate module has been provided for loans and advances. Loan will be deducted automatically from the monthly salary provided the parameters at the time issuing the loan. Employee wise loan detail loan ledger and loan summary to all the employees is already available in the software.

  • General Features of the Software
  • Simple and totally user friendly.
  • Integration of all the modules.
  • User level customization of reports.
  • Facility to fax the reports directly from the software.
  • Export facility for reports into Ms-excel.
  • Facility to sort report data by user selected fields.