School Management Software

As your business grew, you got mighty tired of book keeping by hand. We provide a best solution in the form of Meezan School Management software. The software is simple to use and understand. It is flexible and can be customized as per the business requirements.

Business success starts with intelligent money management and the Meezan’s comprehensive reports give you instant access to the information you need to make informed decisions.

All the modules are integrated with each other. Reports can be customized at user level. Requirements of additional reports can be tailor-made. The different modules are
  • School Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll

Modules in Details
School Management: This module is specially designed by studying the real time requirement of so many schools. It addresses all the issues right from admission of a student till he leaves the school after completion of studies. The different features of this module are
Admission Register can maintain the history for all the students including those who already left. The admission will be tailor made to suit exactly your hard copy. The student can be search by any part of the name. Photos can be scanned and linked to each student record.
Fees Remainders provides auto alerts on software login. Outstanding fees reports can be generate by class wise, academic year wise etc. Daily fee collection report can be taken for crosses verify the cash balance.
Attendance can be maintained in the software. It gives daily attendance report class wise and provides the present or absent percentages. The student attendance will be appeared in the mark sheet.
Mark Sheet can be printed or viewed. Exams and subjects can be defined. Marks scored by students in each exam and subject can be entered. In the market sheet attendance in each month will be shown in number of days and percentage also. Software shows grades automatically provided the slabs.
Time Table of each teacher and class can be taken. Teacher profiles can be maintained in the software like their education, experience, primary subject and other optional subject.
Promotions from one class to another class can be done in a very simple manner.
Transfer Certificates issued records can be maintained like when the TC is issued and the TC number the reason for leaving the school etc.

Finance: It is based on standard accounting procedures with provision of designing preferred format of Balance Sheet. Apart from receivables, payables and transaction listing, lot of MIS reports can be generated.

Payroll: Salary sheet can be generated by different criteria like department wise, designation wise etc. Salary deduction for absent days and provision for incentives can be entered. Loans and deductions history can be maintained. Salary will be posted to financial module.

Other features of the Software
Multi User Software: This is Multi-User software, allowing different departments of the company to use separate modules of our software simultaneously, using their secret passwords, which the software administrator provides them.

Security:Every user will have his/her own password, and will be able to use only that part/menus of the software, which he/she is entitled to work upon. For example the assistants will have access to only data entry screens where as the Manager will be able to use not only the data entry screens but also the financial reports of the company.

Export Facility: The reports can be exported to electronic spreadsheets, which can be saved as normal spreadsheet files.

Back up and Restore: The user can take backup of the data periodically, in removable disks, and data can be restored at any time if there is any damage to it for any reason.

Tools used: The Software is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 as the front end and My Sql server as the back end.

Services Provided with Software
  • Customization in the existing module
  • 3 Months technical support
  • Implementation and setup
  • Training to the users
  • Designing Balance Sheet and Chart of Accounts
  • Online support through internet and telephone